Expertise in Aerospace Design and Manufacturing

The Baxter Aerospace team has designed and manufactured hardware for manned aerospace systems, nuclear energy research, and autonomous aircraft. 

Our expertise encompasses the full scope of design, prototype, test, and production launch.

Our Team

Jeff Baxter, Co-Founder, CEO

Jeff is a seasoned aviation professional having lead teams at SpaceX, Columbia, and Erickson. Jeff formed the SpaceX Falcon 9 production manufacturing engineering team responsible for all manufacturing processes from sheet metal to shipping. He is also a pilot and flies a self-built experimental aircraft.

Michael Baxter, Co-Founder, Principal UAV and Data Scientist

Michael has been an autonomous aircraft development leader at Insitu and Aerovel. Michael and his team built the autonomous vertical takeoff and landing aircraft with the current endurance record of 32 hours. He is also a pilot, and prior entrepreneur.

Josh Dixon, Production Tsar

Josh fabricated highly complex and precise SpaceX Starlink satellite, Dragon, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy components.  Thousands of components manufactured under Josh’s leadership have flown in space, including on the initial crew dragon capsule to take astronauts to the space station.

Industry Experience