Mission: Clear The Air

Advanced forest management through real‑time sensing and automated response

Wildfires are a growing global emergency. We’re on a mission to clear the air.

Baxter Aerospace’s Clear The Air team is developing technology that allows fire commanders to make informed decisions with constantly refreshed data.

High fidelity data is enabled by a groundbreaking aircraft developed by the Clear The Air team. Our new aircraft has a novel control system that merges helicopter flight controls with traditional wing-borne flight controls. This dramatically reduces the number of flight critical components, and therefore the overall cost.

This new aircraft enables around-the-clock operations, integrating with today’s manned and tomorrow’s unmanned wildfire aircraft. This is the key to unlocking vastly more wildfire data for the fire commanders who need it.

We collect high-fidelity data and provide it in real-time to the entire firefighting ecosystem.

Our Technology

Our Solutions

Real-Time Wildfire Data

We sell real-time wildfire data as a service. We offer fire commanders overflight data gathering and internet relay for wildland firefighters in cell-denied environments.

These two offerings enable firefighters to understand the situation with extreme clarity and stay tightly connected with the rest of the firefighting team.

BA-1 Dragonfly

The BA-1 Dragonfly is our purpose-built fire monitoring vertical takeoff aircraft. The key technological innovation combines helicopter and airplane flight controls into a single system. This advancement was directly inspired by SpaceX Falcon 9 engine thrust vectoring.

The innovation provides a 75% reduction in part count and eliminates all high-speed rotating interfaces in traditional coaxial helicopter flight controls.

This new aircraft is powered by electric hybrid drives to decouple the energy generation from the flight-controls. This allows digital control of the rotor systems, further simplifying the overall architecture.

The Future Of Wildfire Detection & Monitoring

Fielding a simple, robust aerial fire monitoring aircraft will open the floodgates of awareness for all people who fight or are impacted by wildfire. Having this low-cost, persistent eye in the sky will open the future of autonomous water dropping aircraft by allowing scouting missions to pre-plan and risk-reduce water bombing missions.

The data will open up a myriad of new tools for our fire commanders to put to use, like autonomous ground and aerial vehicles that can contain the fires day or night, regardless of obscured visual conditions.

We believe wildfire mitigation can be powerfully influenced by the addition of elegant technology. The first stop on our mission to turning the tide of wildfire is a vast expansion of data (hyper-local winds, temperatures, terrain and obstacles, thermal imagery, etc.) enabled by a super-scalable, robust, vertical takeoff, long-endurance aircraft.

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