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Baxter Aerospace exists to enhance our global community with elegant engineering.

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Advanced Engineering For Ambitious Customers

Our team of engineering and production experts specialize in space flight components, cryogenics, flight systems integration, and fire mitigation technologies. We help our customers with the technical requirements needed for complex missions, adding clarity and streamlining their most critical projects.

Founded in 2015, Baxter Aerospace is committed to bringing advanced engineering solutions to our ambitious customers. We tackle the most demanding engineering problems, with a passion to delight our customers with on-point solutions.

Our Solutions

Industries We Serve

Spaceflight Missions

Commercial access to space is transforming our lives here on earth for the better. From global access to high-speed internet to earth imaging and space exploration, this industry represents our roots and one of the most optimistic aspects of life on earth these days.

We provide the engineering problem solving and production muscle to bring the future of spaceflight to life faster. Speed is forte when creating super customized solutions for technically advanced requirements.

Unmanned Aircraft

We are developing super-high-performance unmanned aircraft to tackle difficult missions in austere environments. Our aircraft in development are built for long endurance missions where lives are on the line.

Our primary objective is to provide response teams of wildland firefighters better situational awareness than they have ever had before. While there are a myriad of uses for earth observation aircraft, like searching for missing persons, mapping power line fire risks, or providing security forces with high-ground observation, we aim to help the global forest fire problem first.

Green Energy

From futuristic fusion power to solar concentrators, we aim to work with industrial partners on the common good of ensuring a sustainable energy supply for our collective future. Our aerospace expertise plays well in the advanced power generation field because of the requirements for precision, energy efficiency, and reliability.

We can turn concepts into production-ready automation at a pace that frees up our partners to focus on their core missions. Baxter Aerospace is your best partner to do good in this world, when a technical solution that functions day after day is required.

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